ToolsJ also specializes in implementation and execution, from the execution of code algorithms to the execution of prisoners. We understand all coding languages, even the ones robots don't yet understand. We are so into code that we named our kids Cody.

About ToolsJ

We are awesome. Here's how it started:

The Beginning

In the beginning we were simple coders working on new methods of translating Dungeons and Dragons to our Apple IIe computers. Soon we moved on to Magic: The Gathering on Windows 3.1. In the end, we settled on a solid game of Catan on the iPhone.

The Middle Part

Are developing stuff, we had to come up with all sorts of words to describe it. This also allowed us to become incredibly elitist. Our granular specifications also modulated the backend database configurations on an IRIX platform while performing asynchronous garbage collection checks with the extensible interface.

The Now

There is only the present. The now. We live in the now. We work in the now. Call us now. For what time exists other than now? (also besides the past and future)