Welcome to the toolsJ site. Here at toolsJ we specialize in custom created web sites that excel in excellence. Through new methods and interesting techniques, we are able to implement cutting edge coding practices to give you the best design in the world. Here's how:

A New Approach

ToolsJ is the leader in the modern webspace for a reason. We specialize in both kicking ass and taking names; most companies only do one or the other. We can also maximize efficiency and search engine logic to drive business and marketability as well as usability and reliability. You can say that we are a "bility" kind of organization.

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A New Execution

ToolsJ also specializes in implementation and execution, from the execution of code algorithms to the execution of prisoners. We understand all coding languages, even the ones robots don't yet understand. We are so into code that we named our kids Cody.

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A New Edition

Guided by producer Maurice Starr, the group was formed by Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins, DeMaris Williams, and Ricky Bell in 1978, while living at the Orchard Park housing projects (or what the group and residents of the area calls them popularly as "The Bricks"). Bell and Brown soon brought their best friend Ralph Tresvant in on the act, who quickly became their lead singer.

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